Kevin Alan Puetz

Home: Kevin Puetz* 735 Excelsior Lane* Waterloo, IA 50701* (319) 235-9255
School: Kevin Puetz* 7324 Frederiksen Court* Ames, IA 50010* (515) 572-7992


I am interested in the design and implementation of electronic controls & communication, espescially in systems not normally considered to be traditional "computer" applications. Improved communication capabilities are creating important and exciting new applications of embedded computing power, expanding its use into many new fields. I enjoy working with such systems, both at a high level (system design) and a the lower levels (embedded microcontroller implementation).

I also find the design of user interfaces to be interesting and important; powerful and intuitive control of automated systems will be as critical to their widespread acceptance as it is in other computer applications.


Iowa State University
Ames IA 50013 USA
Computer Engineering

Fall 1999 - present
GPA 3.87/4.0

University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls IA 50613 USA
Special Non-degree - Dual Enrollment while in HS

Fall 1997 - Spring 1999
GPA 4.0/4.0, Non major

Northern University High School
Cedar Falls IA 50613 USA
High School

Fall 1995 - Spring 1999
GPA 3.89/4.0


John Deere Engine Engineering, Waterloo IA
Summer Training Program
Summer 2002

OEM-Trim configuration builder FOCUS Software Development Tools

John Deere PEC, Waterloo IA
Summer Training Program
Summer 2001

8000 tracks non-centered steering controller software development/JDOS2 port
AutoSteer controller framework
8000T NCS AutoSteer prototype implementation
8000 series wheeled vehicle autosteer prototype implementation

Summer 2000

Development of J1939eol end-of-line programming tool for JDOS2 group
Development of JDOS/Win32 mini-port, platform for this tool and JMART

TEAM Technology, Cedar Falls IA
Summer 1999

Development of web applications (Perl/Apache on Linux and Perl/Netscape on Solaris). Programming of a system to allow remote administration of the Apache Webserver.

GMT Corporation, Waverly IA
Support Technician
Summer 1998

Technical support/maintenance of desktops and servers. Primarily responsible for desktop support/troubleshooting, but also some research into issues for future changeover from a Win95 environment to WinNT.


National Merit Scholar Finalist
ISU Honors Program Full Member
2nd Place Team in Hawkeye Challenge Programming Contest
1st chair trumpet, Dorian Honor Band


Computer Programming
Experienced in multiple languages/toolkits
  • Perl Programming
  • C/C++ Programming
  • QT Cross-Platform Toolkit
  • Visual Basic
  • UML Modeling/Design Patterns
Experience with various platforms and desktop environments.
  • UNIX: AIX, Solaris, NetBSD, and various Linux distributions
  • MacOS 6,7,8
  • Windows 95/98 and NT4/2000/XP
  • JDOS2/Flexbox
  • X11/Linux Desktop
Non-Employment Programming Experience
Feature, bugfix, and port work in packages including:
  • Mozilla (Netscape 6.0)
    coordinated Linux/PowerPC port, testcase development
  • xmms/esound (digital audio components)
    PowerPC porting, endianness-safety
  • K Desktop Environment (current)
    PowerPC porting, bugfix, KDE2/KDE3 maintenance, Debian release packaging
  • Basilisk II (Mac 68k emulation)
    Bugfix, video driver improvements