Current Projects

This page contains any random small things I'm currently working on that someone else might want access to, but which don't warrant their own page. Most code on this page will probably eventually end up integrated into whatever project it relates to.

DRI trunk debs

i386 build of Michael Dänzer's DRI trunk debs.

Fix to the MANIFEST.i386 to allow rebuilding
Deb files for debian/sid (i386, qt/x11)

Primary Download

deb ./

Local Mirror

deb unstable dri-trunk


Prebuilt kdelibs3.1 konqueror/embedded. Remembers when a web browser was a 1.7 megabyte download? It's been a while, hasn't it (mini-browsers which lack support for modern dynamic pages excluded)?

To install this, I recommend the use of GNU stow. After getting stow ('apt-get install stow'), cd /usr/local/stow, extract the tarball, and say stow konqueror-embedded. Then run konqueror-e and enjoy!

konqueror-embedded.tgz for debian/sid (i386, qt/x11)


A small change to xchat adding a pref to configure drag&drop for channel tabs.

Source code patch
Rebuilt xchat_2.0.1-3_i386.deb for debian/sid (i386)
deb unstable xchat