Original Compositions

Stuff I've written. Some of it's good (I hope), most of it's probably dreck. Oh well. You'll have to sort it out yourself once I get more posted :-)

There's definitely a surplus of space-themed material, and some very high-density nerdonium. But... there's just only so many ways to write "boy-being meets girl-being underneath a beautiful silvery moon". So let's do one about the moon for a change :-)

Lonely Photographer

A song about Voyager I, and specifically about the famous Pale Blue Dot photograph it took at Carl Sagan's request before shutting down its cameras. It is presently still in contact, but it's a LONG way from home.

Thanks (or apologies, if he doesn't like it) to Sam Hughes's short story Lonely Photographer for inspiration (and the title), and to XKCD for causing space-nerds to start swapping the sentimental links that led me there.

Download Lonely Photographer as ogg mp3 flac
If you want to try it yourself, the tab is also posted.

Prometheus Unbound

Picking up where Jordan Kare's Fire in the Sky left off, a tribute to Shuttle's legacy, Hubble, ISS, the Mars Exploration Rovers, and SpaceX.

Download Prometheus Unbound as mp3 ogg
If you want to try it yourself, the tab is also posted.


Stuff I'm still working on

Light of Other Days

If I see farther...


Download Light of Other Days as mp3 ogg flac
Electric 12-string:

Download Light of Other Days as mp3 ogg flac
If you want to try it yourself, the tab is also posted.

Guitar Covers

Not much very polished yet, various odds&ends in http://download.puetzk.org/music

Another New World

By Josh Ritter, off of So Runs the World Away (which you should buy this instant and then listen to eleventy million times)

Download Another New World as ogg mp3 flac


By Bill Roper, from the immortal Minus Ten and Counting. You probably can't find a copy of that (it's long out of print), but it has been posted to Youtube. There is also a fabulous version by Julia Ecklar on To Touch the Stars that is still easily available. And this one, of course.

Farewell, Mr. Armstrong. May your legend be remembered as long as Apollo's.

Download Legends as ogg mp3 flac

Jazz Combo

Fun times. I'm playing the trumpet.

Saint James Infirmary

Woodchopper's ball

Down By the Riverside

When the Saints Go Marching In


Closer Walk With Thee

Bye Bye Blues

Tip Jar

If you want... or just sing along, that's good too.


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