Welcome to the web-shrine of Kevin Puetz. Donations may be left at in the tin by the door, please wipe the mud off your shoes before entering.

Recent Updates


I graduated. Updates to the transcript and about. More bits for the finalizing of the Academic pages are coming. I also bought a car. It's spiffy.


More updates to my employment history, and a vastly improved picture of me.


More portfolio updates. If that's what you're here looking for, you probably want to start with the about page and Essay on Engineering. Also, the Résumé hotlinks to various other sections, so if you want a work-related summary that would be a good place. I'll try not to be too interesting to be considered professional, or too long to put up with.


So... I have a website again (anybody remember southpole.penguinpowered.com? Nope, didn't think so. Google does though. Losers, all of you). New look, new location, new content. Perhaps this means the web boom is spinning back to life? We'll see if I keep up to date this time or not, and then decide.

No, I'm not just a horrible egomaniac who thinks you need to care about everything he's ever done. I've added all the material related to my senior portfolio project, since I may as well host it somewhere. It'll probably eventually move off the main menu, but for now it's convenient to have it here. Ignore it, enjoy it, laugh at it, your call. Maybe you'll learn something about me. Maybe you don't care to.

Watch this space, and there may be some content that's more interesting to those of you who aren't crazy voyeurs or internet historians soon.